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Crosswords for you Level Level 1 Solved 9 of 10

Crosswords for you Answers

Just a clarification is that if in the image clue you will have to look for all the related words, for the text clue you will have to guess the appropriate word for each text, a design difference in the same game that makes it more agreable.

    Across words :

  • PROGRESS : development of the society
  • GROIN : part of the body between the upper thigh and lower abdomen
  • DECK : upper floor of a boat
  • DOSE : quantity of a drug administered at one time
    Down words :

  • DISASTER : an event that causes human or material loss
  • GENDER : a grammatical category
  • DEBATE : a discussion, an argument
  • SPITE : desire to harm another person
  • LOBE : a clear anatomical division of an organ
  • HORN : pointed projection on the head

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Crosswords for you Level 1 Solved 9 of 10 [ Answers ]

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