What’s the Difference Between Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

You have been using either one of these but always wondered what’s the difference between the two? Who’s better? Or maybe they are quite similar?

To put it clear, both the Play store and Apple store share the same purpose; download, install, update, and search for applications. Both stores share common elements like a description and a logo of an app, followed by few screenshots, reviews down below and maybe a video or trailer on the top.

Notwithstanding all these similarities, serving a similar purpose doesn’t make them the same. Certain factors interfere in making the layout of these components distinctive and cause some prominently different demeanour between the two stores.

Google Play Store has had 28.2 billion downloads in the third quarter of 2020 which is three times more than Apple’s 8.2 billion downloads in the similar quarter

This guide will attempt to clear all misinformation and explain in detail the core difference between Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Free and Paid Apps in Stores:

When it comes to revenue, both stores share similar conditions – 70% of shares go to the developers, while 30% of the revenue is reserved for the store itself. On the other hand, the App Store generates higher figures in comparison to the Google Play Store. In fact, Apple Store received $5.4 billion last year while Google Play Store collected only $3.3. The majority of businesses fraught starters to initiate developing iPhone applications if their main focus were to generate good income.


The Google Play Store receives twice as many taps on the “Reading More” icon compared to its Apple counterpart. The phone version of Play store locates the description on the above section under the screenshots where it is easier to spot it. In case you are using the Apple App Store, the description appears a bit below which renders it less prominent.

Image Gallery/Screenshots

The Google Play Store image gallery is located down beneath the fold. For that reason, users are 27% less likely to scroll throughout the whole image gallery or screenshots. As far as iOS image gallery is concerned, it is substantially the most notable feature of the screen. By and large, all users will automatically interact with the gallery items.


You may have heard something that goes like this :” Apple Store is definitely safer than Google Play Store”. Admittedly, this one is true because Apple generally takes its sweet time in reviewing any application before it is uploaded on the main platform. Moreover, App Store inspection standards are based on prime quality grade which is why they take a whole lot to finish reviewing an app. On the flip side, Google Play Store does allow some low-quality apps followed by a simple reviewing process. Hence, some applications might be considered harmful to the phone or may put your phone at risk of viruses.

Developers Friendly:

This one goes to Google Play Store as it is more developers friendly as opposed to Apple App Store. As aforementioned, App Store focuses primarily on premium quality assurance, while the whole Google Play store is more lenient and developer friendly. Therefore, this doesn’t ensure a good quality most of the time.

Both stores have their own characteristics and pros and cons. None is better than the other, but there are few things that are in favour of each store.

Difference Between Google Play Store and Apple App Store

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