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Created by Romain Lebouc, this general knowledge game is supposed to be an original game given its presentation and requires a certain level of knowledge.
This game will include no less than 26 levels and 25 nominative packs of which you must search for the multiple expressions presented from the letters appearing below your screen and which you will use to form the searched words.

Dingbats Answers

Dingbats Answers

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to play:
in this game you have to solve puzzles where drawings and words are clues to the solution.
The solution can be an expression or can belong to a chosen category. The means of help are multiple you can choose by using your credits to either reveal part of the solution, or reset the letters, mix them up or ask for help. We obviously recommend the solution that we present to you and which is within your reach by clicking on the link whose title corresponds to your search.

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