We live in a world of constant criticism, categorization, and grouping. We get judged by our simplest hobbies, even if we haven’t hurt anyone. That’s human nature to stereotype anything that doesn’t follow the herd. As gamers for instance , we can get judged for our own interest remorselessly without being given a chance to showcase our talents and skills in other fields.

Oftentimes, gamers are portrayed as lazy, fat, sloths with zero social skills. Perhaps you are from the lucky few who are social and wouldn’t get usually bothered by this. Yet that doesn’t mean that other gamers don’t get upset or even depressed from the continuous picking and mocking.

Some gamers really struggle to integrate in social gatherings, to be heard, and understood. This can affect their future and may even hinder them from advancing and achieving their dreams.
Despite all of this here’s a booster that will definitely kick in good: Gamers have higher IQ than non-gamers. It is a refresher to hear such good news, right? In fact, scientific evidence proved that gamers are intellectually smarter than people who have no clue about gaming. This study suggests that playing daily for many hours in front of the PC is not all that bad considering the other benefits you can reap. Regular gameplay improves your decision-making, unleashes the creative beast inside of you, and makes you more goal oriented.
Notwithstanding the people who keep questioning the validity of such scientific evidence, we will provide you with three main reasons why Gamers are definitely smarter than regular people.

#1 Gamers Are Less Stressed:

According to a study by the University of Carolina, video games help us de-stress and are the easiest ways to alleviate the fueling steam from our head.
Sure, there are other ways to reduce your stress life like lazy scrolling social media, binge watching TV shows, or drinking with your buddies. But gamers get to kill two birds with one stone; relieve their anxiety from social situations while taking their mind to a mental gym. It helps improve cognitive thinking while at the same time enjoying your time doing the things you love.
In the long run, this will have a great impact on your problem-solving skills, social skills, and mental health.

#2 Gams make us 20% Smarter:

We’d like to think about ourselves as intelligent and intellectual beings like no other. But believe it or not, an interesting percentage of our own intellect comes from outside sources, i.e., video games alike. According to a study conducted by the Department of Defense, gamers are more intelligent. Why? This is because of the increased perceptual abilities games provide us with, along with an enhanced short-term memory, and improved focus level.

The way the brain functions is amazing and video games specifically focus on sharpening its power. Because games require quick action, and immediate solutions to problems, this keeps the brain consistently working.

All of this mental activity will positively affect our abilities to come up with creative ideas, master new skills, and be on the look for efficient learning methods.

#3 Gamers are way more creative:

Video games are built in a way that target our creativity. In fact, some RPG games and other sci-fi games offer players a myriad of ways to get creative and express themselves artistically. They have to invent their own way in tackling challenging obstacles, construct their character from scratch, and even solve puzzles in order to complete a mission.
Old games may have limited access to certain functionalities. However, modern day video games especially, in the last 5 years or so, offer numerous ways to unleash the creative beast inside of you and use your skills and talents to impress everyone around you.

From your own unique character build, to cracking down different ways on how-to take-out your enemies, and discovering secrets, treasures, locations and much more.
In Conclusion, games have proven to us that through our failure we learn and get better and better. This encourages us to try harder and think outside the box to get to what we want. By and large, in the long run our mental capabilities will be enhanced, our brain is kept busy and active.

Do gamers Have higher IQ ?

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