No wonder that the gamification of learning is very important for students in order to maintain engagement, as well as assess for true knowledge and understanding. This is no different when we talk about online assessments tools. We will take a deeper dive into one of them today which is Kahoot, one of the most popular apps out there with 5 stars rating.

How to download Kahoot?

1/ For Android Devices : Kahoot on Google PLay

2/ For iOS Devices : Kahoot on App Store

What is Kahoot you might ask ?

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform. Creators create and display questions on the screen, and the students answer it with the help of their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Even surveys and polls can be created through this platform. It can go as far as playing in real-time with an ease zone.

Why using Kahoot? As we all know, quizzes are one of the most used learning and formative assessment tools in classrooms. Kahoot maintains the same function of multiple-choice quizzes while with its gaming nature, it removes the adverse effects of traditional quizzes such as learning pressures, test anxieties, and delayed feedback to name a few. Furthermore, according to researchers, Kahoot is able to allow students to learn without the notice of participating in quizzes. Moreover, students also reported they are more engaged and motivated to participate in class with the participation of Kahoot.

On top of that, a study suggested the sound effect and points collection mode of the platform were the main factors helping students to engage and participate. The design of Kahoot allows teachers to observe real-time performance of students and provide timely feedback to them. For instance, after each question, Kahoot presents the distribution of responses from the students, from which the teachers would be able to analyse what they understood or misunderstood and provide feedback to those questions. In other parts, students in some famous universities have started to sit for their exams on the Kahoot platform.

How to use Kahoot ?

Here is a quick but efficient video tutorial found on Youtube, it explain the basic of how to use Kahoot :

There are also some limitations of using Kahoot; Students need to bring their own electronic devices in order to participate in Kahoot. Therefore, it might not be applicable for some schools that have restrictions on electronic devices. Students might also get attracted to the gaming experience of Kahoot. And despite the learning content in some circumstances. For example, For some lower achieving students, they might just enjoy the excitement of winning from random choices without analysing the questions. In addition, the fact that students play the game with usernames (sometimes evil students put inappropriate nicknames) makes it harder for the teacher to supervise the development of his student.

For the simplest reasons, you cannot track an anonymous student which makes Kahoot’s experience a little bit flawless, or let’s say it is a romanticised way of teaching.

Tedious as it seems, Kahoot is still getting more popularity among both teachers and students and it is spreading more and more every day as it facilitates the learning experience and makes it more enjoyable. In the end dear reader, do you think that the Kahoot application has a future in the future days?

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