If you stuck on any level of Magic Letters, this topic is for you to find help, cheat and solution. This game is built by Nebo Apps , the famous puzzle word game developer. Out of it, no other swipe game has been more fun!
You will have to connect the letters to find all words/answers. There are approximately 400 puzzles spread over 40 levels. If you face any difficulties, you can get help from our recommended solutions.
If you need Magic Letters Answers for all levels then this topic is definitely for you, because we serve you here all the answers.Magic Letters Answers
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Magic Letters Answers for all levels

If the principle of the game is simple, type the guessed word taking into account the shape of the puzzle presented und using the sequence of letters offered at the bottom of your screen,
the fact remains that as you progress it will become more and more difficult.

As you advance in the game you will earn coins that you can use to take clues, namely 25 coins for a letter and to tell the truth, it is perhaps especially that the coins won are reduced, which is why we will come through this subject and the related subjects to present to you all the solution words for the different puzzles and even more you will also benefit from the hidden words.

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Magic Letters Answers for all levels

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