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A new form of literary game presentation that uses a stack of letter tiles, arranged in a pyramid, to form words from the presented photos.
On this game of Second Gear Games only have to just connect letters to find words that describe what you see in the photo and finish the current level.
Photo Solitaire Answers

Photo Solitaire answers and cheats

    Be aware that if you see that the photo is small you can tap on the photo to enlarge it, as you can also shuffle from time to time when you find that there is no more matching word.

    As you advance in the game you will collect points that you can use them to help you and those by revealing a letter against 25 points or revealing a word against 100 points.

  • Level 1 to 100
  • Level 101 to 200
  • Level 201 to 300

Remember that you can create words for different photos and those by swiping the photos left or right to view them.
In any case we will remain at your disposal for any suggestion and until the next game.
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Photo Solitaire answers and cheats

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