Since the 1970s with the introduction of video games to the world, children, teens, and parents alike began binge playing against a screen and enjoying the digital reality. On the other spectrum, sports were much practiced and enjoyed a deeper history. E-sports however were favored by most parents and adolescents and have gained a respectable fan base all over the world. But is this combination of video games and sports competitions between either professional player, individually, or with your team good or bad? While E-sports is totally worth your while if you are a sports enthusiast, but it is nothing compared to real life. That’s why this article will examine the pros and cons and try to see which outweighs the other.

Pro: E-sports are more active than traditional video games

Gamers are oftentimes portrayed as obese slackers who only eat and play video games on their computer. This is usually not the case especially with e-sports! In fact, many video game companies sought to develop games that are physically dynamic and involve movement. For instance, Nintendo’s Wii was the first video game console system to make this a possibility. It relied on both physical movement and the controller’s motion sensor that replaces both a gamepad and a joystick.

Pro: E-Sports are socially interactive

While multiplayer video games are a thing and this type of gaming is gaining a lot of attention, however it is a bit different then E-sports. No more sitting alone in your room and screaming at your friend! You can play with your friend in the same room and interact with each other and compete against one another.

Pro: No Risk of Injury

Sports in general can be very risky to indulge in especially if it involves jumping high places or lifting heavy objects. However, that is not the case for E-sports’ there are no life-threatening injuries that could happen to you (although some ended up injuring themselves somehow). Sports life football, rugby, or any kind that involved contact with players hold a high risk of bone breaking, neck cracking, or concussions. Playing safely at home drops these risks to zero so you are safe to experiment with whatever category you like!

Con: No Self-development, no knowledge nor improvement

The biggest flex for real life sports is that it teaches you character development, enhances your teamwork skills, and enhances your leadership competence. Sure, there will be someone out there disagreeing and trying to prove this wrong, but it is the inevitable truth we cannot deny unfortunately for e-sports. The competitive nature of sports might lower this aspect, but character development is still one of the features that distinguishes the real-life sports from e-sports. Unfortunately, e-sports will never be able to stimulate these skills. It is a credential aspect for every child to learn and adopt these improvements , even for the ones with no aspirations.

This is the biggest drawback of e-sports; however, it does not exclude the other benefits it provides.

Pros and cons of E-Sports

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