Role playing Games, the kind of games that give you the opportunity to shine bright like a precious diamond in your own virtual world. A way for you to go about your ways, explore the vast landscapes, meet NPCs, build relationships, and of course fight off your nemesis. Unlike other types of games with limited locations and quests, RPG games give players a sense of control over the game; unlock any quest by choice, roam numerous locations and areas , discover new NPCs and learn about them through their stories, build a personalized character rather than impose a random one etc. We have picked up top 5 RPG games that you will most definitely enjoy!

Fallout New Vegas :

You are set in a post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic version of Las Vegas. The plot goes like this: After the Great War between the United States and China, a nuclear war has erupted on 23rd October 2077.This incident caused great destruction and far-flung damage to every living creature. New Vegas, home of filthy rich gamblers, Jet addicts, NCR soldiers, and Robco owner Mr. House. Going there is like digging your own grave, because anyone who can get their hands on more caps will shoot you with zero mercy. Talking about shooting, after being sniped in the head and left for dead, things will become even more uglier. Everyone is battling over territory and survival. Without further spoiling, venture the mojave wasteland towards Hoover Dam, gain control, fight off power-hungry factions and secure a name for yourself!

The Witcher 1 :

Monster Slayer, the wolf with long white hair, Geralt of Rivia found lying down, unconscious. It is the game’s central character, the protagonist that will swing his silver blades against swamp monsters, and shove his steel swore in his enemy’s throat. Suffering from amnesia, Geralt learns that he has friends and enemies all around; some want him dead while others want to rescue him. He discovers that he is a renowned Witcher and is forced to choose one path that will determine his fate as well as others’. Embark with Geralt in his journey to discover a lot of plot twists, fight monsters and criminal scums.

Dark Souls :

Referred to by some players as one of the hardest games that has ever been made! The Dark Souls realm is built on cyclic events; Kings and queens rise and fall, ages begin and end, time ticks and restarts. Flames faded and renewed; these cycles are connected to the 1st flames, a mysterious incarnation of life has divided and separated states such as life and death, good and evil, heat and cold. As the first flames come to an end, so do the differences fade away; life and death become insignificant, humans become undead, time and space break down, lands collapse and converge. It is a loop of dark ages where endless nights emerge, and people transform into mutated monsters. Delve into the deep abyss of this bewildering world of dark souls.

Dragon Age Inquisition :

A game that is heavy on storytelling, but nevertheless an awesome RPG game worth your time. New players might get a bit lost especially in the storyline since the game relies on familiarities with the previous sequel of dense lore. The world of Dragon is one of a particular kind, you are set in Thedas; the major realm that everything happens within. Thedas represents Tamriel of the Elder scrolls, and New Vegas of Fallout NV! You are the inquisitor tasked with a fundamental mission; calm the storms, mollify dragon rage, and settle civil unrest. Mysterious Breach teared in the sky is unleashing demons in the world who are the root cause of disturbance and turmoil. Build your character, level up and upgrade, and explore the vast meadow of Dragon Age at your own pace.

Cyberpunk 2077 :

Another development of the creators of the Witcher, CD Projekt has recently released their 2020 action role-playing video game, and it is the hot topic blasting all over social media. The story takes you to the Night City, an open world located in the realm of Cyberpunk. Players incarnate into the role of a mercenary called V who can level up his hacking and machinery skills, as well as acquire optional melee and ranged combat skills. Played in the first-person perspective, players can customize their character from face, body, hairstyle to voice and clothing. You get to choose character classes that will influence your stat categories, Body, Intelligence, Reflexes, Technical, and Cool. Experiment with this 1st person shooter and upgrade your equipment, purchase cyberware implants via the ripperdoc, and let’s not forget to mention the extremely realistic looking graphic. Much more is waiting for you in Cyberpunk 2077!

I hope you enjoyed our list, you can take a look at Worst video game.

The Best 5 Role Played Games

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