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Word Pizza BERLIN Cheats

Word Pizza Answers.

  • 1/30 : pantry, party, yarn, pray, pant, tray, arty, rant, tarn, pry, pay, part, rapt, trap, yap, any, nay, pan, nap, try, tap, pat, apt, ray, tan, ant, rap, par, art, rat
  • 2/30 : revise, sieve, rives, serve, verse, sever, ever, revs, veer, rive, vier, rise, sire, vies, eve, seer, sere, rev, vie, sir, see, ire
  • 3/30 : wail, warily, wily, yawl, wiry, awry, wary, rail, liar, lair, airy, wry, law, awl, way, yaw, raw, war, lay, air, ray, ail
  • 4/30 : urgent, grunt, urge, true, rung, rune, tune, turn, runt, get, rug, tug, gut, rent, gun, tern, erg, run, urn, nut, tun, rut, ute, rue, ten, net
  • 5/30 : hoarse, horse, shore, share, shear, hero, hoar, soar, oars, hose, shoe, rash, hear, hers, hare, sear, ears, eras, hoe, rose, sore, ores, roes, eros, ash, has, she, her, oar, ore
  • 6/30 : tandem, date, tend, dent, mend, team, mate, meat, tame, tad, mean, name, dame, made, mead, amen, mane, dean, neat, ante, mad, dam, mat, and, men, man, ted, met, tan, ant
  • 7/30 : modest, tomes, dots, modes, demos, domes, dote, toed, tome, most, stem, demo, mode, dome, dot, some, dose, does, odes, toes, sod, ted, met, toe, doe, ode, set
  • 8/30 : kindle, inked, link, kiln, liken, kind, like, dike, lend, kid, idle, lied, ilk, dine, line, elk, lien, ink, kin, ken, lid, din, nil, led, die, end, den, lie
  • 9/30 : abound, bound, band, bond, undo, bud, dub, bun, nub, bod, duo, dun, boa, bad, dab, ban, nab, ado, don, nod, nob, and
  • 10/30 : pecan, prance, crane, nape, pane, recap, acne, cane, carp, crap, pace, cape, care, race, acre, near, earn, pen, pan, nap, pare, pear, reap, can, cap, car, arc, rap, par, per
  • 11/30 : metric, crime, trice, mice, cite, merit, rice, trim, term, mire, rime, item, time, emit, mite, mic, tire, tier, rite, rim, tic, rem, ice, met, tie, ire
  • 12/30 : tonsil, toil, lint, lion, into, ions, loin, list, slit, silt, lots, lost, slot, oils, soil, silo, lot, lit, nit, tin, not, ton, ion, oil, nil, sin, ins, son, sit, its
  • 13/30 : period, pride, pried, drip, drop, prod, pore, rope, pied, redo, doer, rode, dope, ripe, pier, dip, ride, dire, poi, pod, pro, rod, rip, pie, rid, per, rep, doe, ode, ore
  • 14/30 : portal, polar, atop, plot, rota, opal, plat, alto, oral, port, part, rapt, trap, oat, pro, lop, lot, top, opt, pot, tap, pat, apt, lap, pal, oar, rot, tor, rap, par
  • 15/30 : gelato, aloe, gloat, goat, gate, gale, alto, goal, ogle, tole, tag, get, got, tog, late, tale, teal, lag, ago, gal, ego, oat, log, lot, leg, gel, age, toe, let, tea
  • 16/30 : friday, diary, dairy, fairy, fray, fad, fair, raid, arid, yard, dray, far, airy, fry, dry, day, fir, aid, air, rid, ray, rad
  • 17/30 : broach, abhor, crab, cobra, roach, hoar, hob, boar, cob, orca, cab, char, arch, rob, orb, boa, bro, bra, bar, car, arc, oar
  • 18/30 : rotund, round, dour, tour, rout, unto, turn, runt, undo, torn, dot, duo, dun, our, run, urn, don, nod, nut, tun, out, rut, rod, not, ton, nor, rot, tor
  • 19/30 : nestle, steel, tense, teens, sleet, teen, else, lent, eels, lees, seen, lens, tees, lest, lets, sent, nest, nets, tens, lee, eel, tee, see, let, ten, net, set
  • 20/30 : saddle, addle, addles, adds, deals, dales, leads, lads, add, dad, dead, sled, lead, deal, dale, ads, sad, ales, sale, seal, lase, lad, led, sea, lea, ale
  • 21/30 : splice, spice, epics, clip, pile, ices, epic, spec, pies, lice, ceil, slip, lips, lisp, pic, isle, lies, sic, lip, sec, pie, ice, sip, lie
  • 22/30 : golden, lodge, dong, gold, gone, lend, lone, noel, ogle, long, glen, dog, god, done, node, lode, dole, ego, nog, log, don, nod, old, leg, gel, led, one, eon, doe, ode
  • 23/30 : sprint, print, strip, trips, pint, pins, spin, snip, nips, trip, rips, pits, tips, spit, stir, pin, nip, pit, tip, rip, nit, tin, sin, ins, sir, sip, sit, its
  • 24/30 : amuse, amused, muds, mused, mud, muse, emus, used, dues, sued, dame, made, mead, same, mesa, seam, ads, sad, emu, mad, dam, due, sum, use, sue, sea
  • 25/30 : pirate, irate, pair, taper, trip, ripe, pier, tape, peat, part, rapt, trap, tear, rate, pare, pear, reap, tire, tier, rite, pit, tip, pet, tap, pat, apt, rip, pie, air, rap
  • 26/30 : steed, stewed, weed, sweet, stew, west, wets, teed, ewes, seed, tees, ewe, wee, dew, wed, wet, sew, tee, ted, see, set
  • 27/30 : baton, obtain, bait, iota, boat, anti, bit, into, bin, nib, bot, bio, bat, tab, boa, ban, nab, oat, nob, nit, tin, ion, not, ton, tan, ant
  • 28/30 : morsel, roles, loser, moles, mores, more, rome, mole, lore, role, elms, some, lose, sole, sloe, rose, sore, ores, roes, eros, rem, elm, ore, roe
  • 29/30 : sprawl, swap, wasp, paws, paw, laws, awls, laps, pals, slap, spar, raps, rasp, law, awl, was, saw, raw, war, sap, spa, lap, pal, rap, par
  • 30/30 : burned, burn, under, rude, bred, bend, rune, nude, dune, bud, dub, bun, nub, bed, rub, bur, dun, nerd, rend, run, urn, due, rue, red, end, den

That’s it, now this town levels is finished, you can jump to the next one which is cleared.Answers of Word Pizza liverpool.

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Word Pizza BERLIN Answers Level 1036 to 1065

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