If you stuck on Word Pizza krasnodar, this topic is for you to find help, cheat and solution.In this game, built by OpenMyGame , you will have to find all the words of the different anagrams presented for each town.
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Word Pizza KRASNODAR Cheats

Word Pizza Answers.

  • 1/30 : another, orate, throne, north, thorn, than, other, oath, then, hone, rota, horn, hoar, hero, tenor, earth, heart, hart, torn, roan, hate, heat, tone, note, hear, hare, rant, tarn, tore, rote
  • 2/30 : resolve, lever, lover, roles, loser, solve, loves, voles, serve, verse, sever, revs, over, rove, else, eels, lees, reel, leer, ever, veer, love, vole, lore, role, seer, sere, lose, sole, sloe
  • 3/30 : twosome, moose, mew, mows, mow, tomes, moot, stew, west, wets, woo, two, tow, soot, owes, woes, tome, most, some, stem, moo, wet, too, sow, woe, owe, sew, toes, met, toe
  • 4/30 : butcher, retch, chute, cube, brute, tuber, hurt, curb, herb, truce, cruet, tube, cub, cute, tech, etch, curt, hub, cure, hue, true, but, tub, hut, rub, bur, cut, cue, bet, cur
  • 5/30 : sudden, sounded, sound, dudes, douse, nudes, dunes, odds, dude, dud, duos, odd, nude, dune, onus, undo, send, ends, dens, used, dues, sued, done, node, duo, dose, does, odes, dun, nose
  • 6/30 : pointed, opine, point, depot, pond, dint, tend, dent, dote, poet, toed, pine, pint, open, peon, nope, pied, into, done, node, diet, edit, tide, tied, dope, dine, tone, note, dot, dip
  • 7/30 : general, eagle, leaner, agree, eager, angler, large, glee, lager, green, genre, angle, angel, glean, learn, range, anger, renal, gale, gene, reel, leer, glen, rang, rage, gear, gee, real, earl, lane
  • 8/30 : refine, refined, friend, finder, fried, freed, feed, fend, fiend, find, finer, infer, diner, need, fern, fine, reef, free, deer, reed, fed, rind, fee, fire, rife, fen, dine, ride, dire, nerd
  • 9/30 : abolish, shoal, basil, hails, hobs, blah, hail, halo, bail, bash, lobs, slob, boil, lash, labs, slab, hob, also, oils, soil, silo, sob, sib, sail, ails, bio, boa, lab, lob, his
  • 10/30 : expand, spandex, apex, sex, axes, spend, sax, axe, spade, pads, daps, pans, naps, snap, span, sand, aped, nape, pane, pens, send, ends, dens, sped, pad, dean, sane, peas, pan, nap
  • 11/30 : basin, bison, bastion, obtain, bins, nibs, baton, saint, stain, snob, satin, nabs, bans, bait, boat, bits, iota, ions, into, anti, bit, sob, bin, nib, bot, sib, bat, tab, ants, bio
  • 12/30 : wealthy, wealth, whale, weal, lathe, they, halt, lath, wheat, why, thaw, what, yawl, yeah, welt, heal, hale, yew, whet, thy, hey, haw, law, awl, hay, hate, heat, way, yaw, yet
  • 13/30 : walk, walkers, lark, weal, leak, lake, kale, weak, wake, rake, laser, laws, awls, wear, sake, ware, ark, ask, ska, law, awl, elk, awe, sew, ales, sale, seal, lase, was, saw
  • 14/30 : shake, shack, shackle, chalk, lack, leach, sack, leak, lake, kale, chase, scale, laces, lash, heal, hale, cake, sake, cash, ask, aces, case, ska, ache, each, lace, elk, ales, sale, seal
  • 15/30 : alive, vibe, liable, viable, livable, villa, label, libel, bill, ball, bile, bail, vale, veal, live, evil, veil, vile, bell, vial, vail, able, bale, via, ill, ell, all, vie, lab, ail
  • 16/30 : linkage, alike, ankle, agile, keg, lank, liken, akin, link, align, kiln, leak, lake, kale, like, angle, angel, glean, king, ling, gale, glen, ilk, elk, gain, line, lien, ken, ink, kin
  • 17/30 : nearly, larceny, racy, clear, early, layer, relay, crane, clean, lance, clay, lacy, yarn, clan, learn, year, rely, renal, cay, yen, cry, lace, acne, cane, lye, any, nay, care, race, acre
  • 18/30 : valet, violate, alive, violet, viola, olive, voile, volt, vital, viol, oval, vale, veal, toil, iota, vat, live, evil, veil, vile, veto, vote, ova, aloe, vial, vail, alto, vet, tail, love
  • 19/30 : talk, blank, blanket, bleak, tank, ankle, table, bank, lank, bent, take, teak, beak, bake, leak, lake, kale, belt, bate, beat, beta, bean, bane, lent, able, bale, elk, bat, tab, ken
  • 20/30 : launder, neural, lunar, under, dual, laud, laden, alder, rude, duel, lune, luna, nude, dune, learn, lend, renal, rule, lard, lure, land, darn, rune, lead, deal, dale, dean, nerd, rend, dun
  • 21/30 : climate, camel, metal, claim, cleat, melt, calm, clam, talc, mica, came, celt, mace, acme, mice, team, mate, meat, tame, item, time, emit, mite, mail, mile, lime, lice, ceil, cite, tail
  • 22/30 : plenty, penalty, aplenty, planet, plant, type, yelp, plane, panel, plate, play, plan, pelt, pant, plat, nape, pane, yen, ply, lent, tape, peat, pay, yap, leap, pale, peal, plea, yet, lye
  • 23/30 : gloss, godless, dogs, doses, lodge, sleds, gold, loss, sold, olds, logs, slog, gels, legs, less, goes, egos, ogle, sled, dog, god, lode, dole, dose, does, odes, lose, sole, sloe, ego
  • 24/30 : ghostly, hotly, holy, ghost, hogs, gosh, logs, slog, togs, shy, toys, host, shot, hots, thy, lots, lost, slot, goth, soy, hog, sly, toy, got, tog, sty, hot, tho, log, lot
  • 25/30 : shelter, sheer, these, sheet, heel, steel, sleet, three, there, ether, thee, steer, trees, reset, terse, ester, here, else, eels, lees, reel, leer, tees, tree, hers, seer, sere, lest, lets, rest
  • 26/30 : brown, rainbow, brow, brain, baron, robin, born, worn, barn, bran, warn, boar, bow, roan, rain, iron, noir, win, now, own, won, wan, bin, nib, rob, orb, bro, rib, bio, row
  • 27/30 : nuclear, unclear, uncle, neural, lunar, clear, crane, cruel, ulcer, clean, lance, curl, clan, lune, luna, learn, clue, renal, rule, lure, cure, rune, acne, cane, lace, cue, care, race, acre, cur
  • 28/30 : speaker, seek, speak, parks, spark, peaks, peers, keep, perk, park, erase, reek, peak, rake, ease, peer, sake, ark, spear, seep, ask, ska, spar, raps, rasp, seer, sere, peas, pare, pear
  • 29/30 : augment, mutagen, nutmeg, magnet, gaunt, unmet, mug, gum, mange, ague, agent, menu, mute, gnat, tune, aunt, tuna, gate, mage, mega, game, team, mate, meat, tame, tag, gem, tug, gut, get
  • 30/30 : dashing, dish, hands, digs, hind, gains, hang, sigh, hand, dash, said, shin, aids, dais, nigh, sand, sang, hid, hag, sign, sing, gins, ding, gain, dig, had, gas, sag, gad, ads

That’s it, now this town levels is finished, you can jump to the next one which is cleared.Answers of Word Pizza moscow.

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Word Pizza KRASNODAR Answers Level 1681 to 1710

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