Once upon a time there has been a set of movies that had an accompanying video game released after that were an absolute gem. Unfortunately, these exceptions are scarce compared to the movie-based video game that are just horribly bad. This article will cover not just bad, but dumpster bad video games that were once a memorable movie.

Take a look at our top 5 list of Worst Video Games:

The Crow: City of Angels :

We begin our list with a total failure the gaming industry has ever committed. The Crow is an original movie title aired in 1994, but the game adaptation was highly lambasted by many critics and gamers. In fact, you have no quests or objectives nor any missions to complete or to look out for. You just walk around lollygagging and beat up some street thugs. While this may not sound all that horrible, the controls are not absolutely wacky, and the gameplay is utter pain in the head. Most of the time you’ll find yourself in the opposite direction kicking air while opponents get a good grip of you and beat your bum. The game is a total mess compared to the Hollywood movie and proves that the duo has a clear problem with each other.

I found this video really fun and describe more than words how awful are this video game !

Rambo: The Video Game (2014) :

It is an arcade rail shooter video game developed by Publish Studio Teyon and is based on the Rambo franchise. However, the controls are problematic; for console platforms the aiming was a bit awkward and slow, however for PC, shooting was too easy. Let’s not forget to mention the outdated graphics, low-quality audio dialogue taken from the movies, and an overuse of Quick Time events. It is definitely no surprise that the game hit the worst game of the year list. So, it is really up to you to try it for yourself and see what a complete failure the game is.

The trailer of this game collected negative reviews than positive !

Total Recall (1990) :

You’d think an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie would make an absolute success as a video game; however, the allegations are undoubtedly disappointing especially with the NES game remake. In the first level, you can do pretty much anything from fighting off miniature hobos, jump on platforms that have no specific reach or fight a wall . The game includes hard to defeat bosses especially during the beginning stages. Along with this, there are awkward sequences that are just a nuisance to beat. Good luck beat this system!

I let you describe this failure by yourself, thanks to stanburdman !

Shrek Games :

Ever been a fan of Shrek movies? If yes, then we wouldn’t recommend playing any of these games because you will get disappointed by how awful they are. Ranging from barely possible mission to time wasting playthroughs. There are only four racing games which were badly mimicked from the Mario Kart franchise and on top of that bad graphics and animation style. The Shrek part on the other hand is just Pac-man fever and Mario rip-offs. Did we also mention the camera and frame rate that will get you sick to the stomach in a matter of seconds? For whoever is planning to do another Shrek game, check yourself before you shrek yourself.

Superman 64 :

Called one of the most dreadful games ever, Superman 64 has to be a nightmare if you consider its controls. While it is normal for any game to have few glitches and bugs here and there, Superman 64 broke records. Players describe their gaming play-throughs as heavily buggy as they spend most of the time fighting the controls rather than the actual stages. While battling enemies, superman’s attacks miss the target, the flying controls are horrendously messy, and the eye-numbing graphics that are just badly designed. Moreover, there is a lack of environmental details rendering the game lifeless and boring. Unfortunately, the game is infamously ill represented and received a lot of hate and criticism.

I hope you enjoyed our list of the most awful video games. Stay Tuned !

Worst Video Games Based on Movies

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